What the Enterprise would be like, had Wesley Crusher chosen the life of his cool alter ego, Sparks McGee. Inspired by this post http://wilwheaton.typepad.
com/wwdnbackup/2012/03/from-the-vault-sparks-mcgee.html and the fabulous Wil Wheaton ^_^

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15th April 2012

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Supanova wrap up

The two of us had a fantastic time at Supanova Pop Culture Festival.

First thing we did was go see Wil Wheaton, of course.

(At this point he didn’t know who we were ;D 

Then we got him to sign our fabulous pictures of Wesley~

(At this point we told him who we were. And my! What he thought of that!)

We also found a cardboard cutout of Commander Riker!

Pfft, no-where as cool as Sparks McGee.

We finished it all up with a little Q&A by Wil Wheaton.

Not a 100% accurate transcription, but part of it went a little something like this:

Random guy: So, imagine this. The Enterprise is in danger, its safety has been compromised. What would Sparks McGee do?
Wil Wheaton: Sparks McGee would jump into his muscle car, ripping a hole in the fabric of space. He would travel through there riding a skateboard grinding it through the sky being real cool, and then he’d nose-dive into a pit of bikini models. The bikini models would try to take off his hat, but NO ONE touches the hat. THAT’S what Sparks McGee would do.

So clearly we had a most excellent time. We hope all of you get the same opportunity in the not too distant future to do the same :)

(p.s. this is our 100th post :D)

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