What the Enterprise would be like, had Wesley Crusher chosen the life of his cool alter ego, Sparks McGee. Inspired by this post http://wilwheaton.typepad.
com/wwdnbackup/2012/03/from-the-vault-sparks-mcgee.html and the fabulous Wil Wheaton ^_^

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14th February 2013

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quite a handsomeful of Sparks McGee.



In all their sparkly-glowy glory. Thanks Wil & Joel for collaborating! 
Lovely to have your help making some serious currency for Project for Awesome. En route. 

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    They’re just so pretty! If you offer them next year, I’m definitely getting one!
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  11. saynotohorcruxes said: I envy your Bottlecap necklaace-making skills. I’ve been making them for a year, and they are not that pretty. :)